Is your Social Media Strategy Better than Kim Kardashian’s?

When it comes to social media, the competition is steep. Users are competing with millions (sometimes billions!) of other users for the interest and attention of a virtual audience, and they won’t succeed unless they have something relevant, captivating and valuable to share. Just maintaining a profile on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter is not enough. If you want social media to elevate your business, you must develop a strong social strategy.

A social media strategy shares your business’s story with the world. You’ve probably already done that with a group of potential investors, and you likely spent days preparing for the opportunity. You wouldn’t dream of entering the room without a clearly-defined strategy, but too many business owners enter the world of social media without one. That’s a missed opportunity, and it will cost you customers.

Billions of conversations take place on social media every second of every day, and the attention span of users is just long enough to read a Tweet or watch a quick YouTube video. You have a very small window to capture their attention and interest, and the competition is fierce. You are not just battling with other businesses in your industry, you are also competing with pictures of adorable kittens, Kim Kardashian’s tweets and every virtual farming game to ever hit Facebook.

We develop social media strategies by identifying your specific niche, challenges and goals. Everything we post online is catered to your market, and the plan of attack includes thoughtful, interesting and relative content, including search engine optimized blogs, expertly-edited videos and attention-grabbing photos. The result isn’t just more online exposure for your business – it’s the right kind of exposure, and it will build your customer base, drive traffic to your website and keep your business front and center with clients.