7 Tips to Master Facebook Marketing

Whether you are new to Facebook or have been around the social media site almost as long as Mark Zuckerberg, follow these tips to stay on top of your game and ahead of the competition.

1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely: Put as much information as possible in your profile. It’s the first place potential customers will look to find out more about your business, so make it easy for them to find what they want to know.

2. Go After Engagement, Not Likes: Sure, seeing the number of “likes” on your page feels great, but engagement is the real prize when marketing on Facebook. Write posts that encourage interaction between your business and customers, encourage sharing and always write back when someone leaves you a comment or message.

3. Find the Right Balance: Posting too often oversaturates and annoys followers, but posting too little can kill your post outreach. Don’t post more than once per day or less than once per week.

4. Get to the Point: Although Facebook posts can be far longer than tweets, you shouldn’t write a novel to your followers. Get to the point and keep it short and sweet for best results.

5. Be Yourself: Social media gives you an opportunity to show off your personality, so let it shine! Robots aren’t interesting, so don’t be afraid to put a human face on your business using your Facebook posts.

6. Think Before You Post: Ask yourself if what you are posting will help your followers. Is it relevant? Engaging? Interesting? If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board.

7. Don’t Buy Likes: Buying bulk likes can be tempting, especially when you are new to Facebook and want an initial boost of support, but resist the urge to buy likes. The likes you get won’t do anything for your business because they don’t increase engagement, and real customers can spot them from a mile away.

These are just some of our insider tips for using Facebook to boost your business. To learn more, check out our social media marketing services or contact us today!