Using Mobile Marketing to Attract and Retain Customers

Replacing the business of a customer you lost will cost you up to seven times more than you would pay to retain it. Keeping your customers coming back for more is vital to growing your business, and customers who can engage with your business through multiple channels show greater loyalty than single-channel customers.

Over 90 million people in the United States currently have smartphones, and 84% of those users browse the Internet and visit social networking sites on their devices. Your business cannot afford to ignore these users. Instead, you should wow this audience by creating a great customer experience that will ultimately boost loyalty to your brand.

Focus on these three areas to prioritize your mobile marketing efforts:

Making Mobile Payments Easy

A simple and intuitive payment process makes it more likely that customers will complete their purchase and return to do it again and again.

Customers should easily be able to pay at the point of purchase, view payment details without much digging and feel secure using your system.

Investing in Mobile Responsive Website Design

In today’s smartphone-dominated world, even the most attractive and relevant websites are useless if they are not formatted to be viewed from mobile devices. Mobile responsive web design ensures that all the features of your site, including text, images, navigation elements, visual players and screen layouts, re-adjust to a variety of devices. It is the smart approach to web design, and it expands your customer base to include the millions of people who use smartphones.

Get Social

People love to tweet about their tastes, pin their favorite images, “like” Facebook posts and snap Instagram shots on their mobile phones. A huge percentage of social media traffic comes from smartphones, and if you are not active on social sites, your customers will quickly go elsewhere to find what they need.

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