Surprising Social Media Stats for Businesses

Most business owners today are aware of the rise of social media, but few really understand just how powerful it is as a marketing tool. When it comes to building brand loyalty, connecting with your customers and expanding your market reach, nothing compares to social media. Just take a look at these statistics to see the real power of social media for businesses:

– Nearly 75% of all consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by social media.

– 81% of consumers pay close attention to social media posts from friends when it comes to making a purchase.

– Facebook is the top influence for 47% of all Americans when making a purchase.

– 73% of consumers will be more likely to recommend a brand to a friend if they brand engages with them on social media.

– When emails include social sharing buttons, click-through rates increase by an incredible 158%!

– Consumers are no longer using the Yellow Pages to find local businesses — 97% of them are turning to online search engines to locate and research local companies.

– When landing pages include videos, conversions go up by 86%.

These stats clearly show that social media is an essential component of any online marketing strategy, but many businesses aren’t using it correctly, and their customers notice.

Having accounts on social media sites is not enough. The key to harnessing the power of social media for your business is actually using it to engage with your customers. Keep your pages relevant, include interesting information, and use them as a platform to better understand your customers and their needs.

That’s exactly what we do best here at Vision Fillers. We don’t simply create profiles; we strategically use social media for businesses to build online relationships that translate into real-life connections and sales. To learn more about our social media services and how they can help your business, contact the team at Vision Fillers today!