Secrets to Becoming a LinkedIn Superstar

LinkedIn is the 15th most-visited website today, and 100 million people visit it every month. If LinkedIn isn’t part of your business’s current social media strategy, you’re missing out! 

To stand out among the millions of pages on LinkedIn, you have to think strategically. The way you present yourself on the site can have a huge impact on your brand and business. Use these content ideas to get noticed and become a LinkedIn superstar! 

Dos and Don’ts of Posting 

What should you post on LinkedIn? Do share images of yourself, your team and your clients. Make your content personable, and keep your written content helpful and relevant. Talk about industry topics, keep a regular posting schedule for consistency and comment back every time someone writes a comment on your posts. 

Don’t just share posts without adding your own comments. Stay away from sharing long videos, hard sells and anything too personal. 

Superstar Content Ideas 

One of the best ways to stand out on LinkedIn is to share videos! People on LinkedIn spend almost three times more time watching video ads over Sponsored Content. 

Share videos that are relevant to your brand, inform about your products and shine a light on your business. They don’t have to be super fancy to work — short, real footage of your business or clients can educate people and create a human connection. 

Short on video ideas? Try telling a story about the origins of your business, sharing a case study, showing a “behind the scenes” look, introducing your team, answering FAQs or building a buzz about an upcoming event. 

People on LinkedIn also love statistics. When you include them in your posts, you come off as well-informed and knowledgeable about your industry. 

What kind of stats can you share? Think about white papers, case studies, branded infographics and analysis. Keep your stats short, helpful and relevant. 

Interested in more great ideas for your LinkedIn page? Contact us today to learn more about our social media services and how we can turn you into a superstar on LinkedIn and all your favorite networks!