Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house! This season, extend the tradition to your business’s social media as well to clear away junk and remove cobwebs from your social channels. Follow these tips to start the new season off right for your business online.

Conduct an Audit

Take a look at your current social media marketing plan. What’s working? What isn’t? Take stock of where you’re at and think about what you want to change going forward. Our team is skilled at doing complete social media audits with purpose and focus. Contact us today to learn more!

Check Your Competition

Take a look at what your competition is doing online. How does your business stack up? Take a look at what they are posting, how well it is performing, how often their content gets shared and what types of people they are interacting with online. This info can help you tailor your own social media plan.

Spruce Up Your Profiles

When was the last time you updated your profiles? Is there new info to include, perhaps about COVID protocols or reopening hours? Is your avatar a professional image? Is your cover photo sized correctly for each platform? And is your overall look consistent with your branding and website?

Get a Fresh Strategy

Social media marketing is about more than just making accounts and posting updates from time to time. If you want solid results, you need a solid strategy. Schedule your consultation today for our social media services to learn more about how we can create a strategy that helps you connect with customers, build relationships and grow your marketing reach online.