Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Whether your goals are to build your brand, increase your market reach or convert visitors into customers, your website should be serving your business at the level you need. If it isn’t delivering, it is time to consider a website redesign.

While the structure and overall design may be fine, your site may need a bit of polish to fine tune it into a more effective marketing tool. Follow this checklist to determine if your website is outdated and needs a redesign for the new year.

Dated Content

Was your last blog article posted two years ago? Does your website footer read “copyright 2009?” Are you still promoting products you no longer sell? Is your site riddled with broken links to other websites, articles or videos? These are all signs that your website is outdated, but your visitors may read them as signs that you are no longer in business – definitely not the message you want to send.

It Doesn’t Work on All Devices

If you depend on your website to bring you business or to keep your customers informed, investing in mobile responsive website design should be your top priority. A mobile responsive website gracefully adjusts to look and function flawlessly, no matter what device it is viewed on. Nearly 40 percent of Internet searches are now conducted on smartphones or tablets, and if your site doesn’t work well on those devices, you are likely losing potential customers.

No Search Engine Presence

Search engines like Google frequently update their search algorithms, and if the content on your website does not follow suit, it becomes extremely difficult for users to find your business. The key to landing in the top results is search engine optimization (SEO), a process that increases visibility and traffic to your site through keyword research, content development, link building, image optimization and more. Without it, your site risks being lost among billions of others online.

If these signs sound a little too familiar to you, contact us today to talk about making your website more modern, responsive, engaging and visible so it serves your needs better.