5 Mistakes that Will Derail Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The web is filled with lists of best practices for web design and online marketing, but knowing which mistakes to avoid is just as important. Read on to learn the top five mistakes that could bring down your entire internet marketing campaign.

1. Annoying your customers

Email marketing can have incredible value, but too many businesses use it to badger their clients day after day. Sending sales pitches is fine, but you should also include informative articles, insider advice and other relevant non-sales content so your customers don’t feel that you only reach out to them when you want something.

2. Offering too many discounts or sales.

Sales are great for short-term revenue boosts, but offering too many sends a signal to your customers that they can buy your services or products for less money if they wait. If you publicize too many discounts, you’ll have a tough time finding customers who are willing to pay your regular prices.

3. Sounding like the competition.

Describing your company can be difficult, and it’s fine to look to your competition for inspiration, but your content should not mimic theirs. Everything on your website should differentiate you from the competition, so be mindful of similarities between your content.

4. Ignoring online reviews.

Reviews are one of the most important marketing tools for a company. Encourage customers to leave kind words on your website or online review sites, and quickly amend any issues if you receive a less-than-stellar review.

5. Failing to build trust.

Today’s consumers are increasingly skeptical of what they see and read online. There is nothing more important than building credibility and trust in your business through your website. Tell the history of your company, give brief bios of key team members and publish testimonials from past customers to give a human face to your business and build trust.

Making these mistakes can be detrimental to your online marketing success. If these sound familiar to you, contact the team at Vision Fillers today to learn how we can set you on a better path to Internet marketing success!