Does Your Logo Need a Makeover?

Companies grow, change, expand, shift and become more well-defined over time. Is your logo keeping up? Your logo should reflect the direction and focus of your business, and when done right, the graphic will convey the very essence of your brand. Here are just some of the reasons you may need to invest in a logo makeover:

Business Acquisition

When one company acquires another, two brands may be joined together. An updated logo presents a combined visual representation without alienating customers from either company. An entirely new image can be created by merging elements of the previous logos to signal a new beginning without sacrificing customer loyalty.

Change of Name

Changing your business’s name demands a logo change. You may have changed names because of trouble with pronunciations, undesirable associations or simply because your old name no longer resonates with your market segment. No matter the reason why you made the change, you need a new logo.

Logo Revitalization

A great logo has a modern feel while remaining relevant to your industry. An irrelevant or outdated image can cost you credibility with customers and harm your business image. Revamp your logo to reflect contemporary trends and standards, helping you stay relevant and competitive in your field.

Organizational Changes

Every business evolves, but not all changes demand a new logo. Consider revamping yours if your business is branching out to a new market segment, under new management or expanding into international markets.

Businesses should transform and evolve over time, and your brand and logo should reflect that progression. Change and innovation are essential to the success of your business, but so is good design. A logo is more than just an image – it is a visual embodiment of your business and what it stands for. To learn more about how revamping your logo can help build your brand, contact Vision Fillers today at 1.877.546.9603.