3 Must-Know Facebook Tips for Beginners

In today’s world of multi-channel marketing, having a Facebook presence for your business is essential. Your customers log onto the site everyday, and they are seeing ads for other stores and brands each time they do. Getting in on the action can feel overwhelming at first if you are new to the social media scene, but getting started with Facebook is easy if you follow these tips:

Announce Your Social Media Presence

Integrate all your marketing channels by adding the Facebook logo to your print ads and blasting it on all the pages of your website. Make sure it is in store inserts, and include a link to your page with every marketing email you send.

Give Customers Something to Like

Offer your customers special discounts or coupons that can only be obtained through your Facebook page. Incentives like that will keep your customers returning to your page for more, and you can also use coupon offers to encourage them to “share” with their friends and boost the amount of “likes” on your page. Your Facebook page is also a great place to announce new products or services and promote company events.

Use Social Media to Engage with Your Customers

Don’t forget the social aspect of social media marketing. Engage your customers in two-way conversations by asking interesting questions, thanking them for their suggestions and responding to their comments. This makes your customers feel heard, and it is a great way to gather feedback about what you are doing right and what needs improving.

Getting started on Facebook can be intimidating, but just keep in mind that social media marketing is a great way to integrate your message into your customers’ daily lives. The more you engage and interact, the more they will come to view you as a trustworthy and reliable source for whatever it is you are selling, and you’ll see an increase in brand loyalty, market reach and sales as a result. To learn more about how our social media marketing services can boost your business, give us a call today at 877.546.9603!