Putting a Human Face on Your Business

How do customers describe their relationships with your business? Are their interactions with you purely transactional because they have to use your business to get something they need? Or do you have more personal relationships with your customers and leads? While transactional relationships get the job done in the most basic sense, building more personal relationships with your customers helps you develop brand loyalty, get stellar reviews and benefit from more referrals. Getting to know your customers better also helps you deliver solutions that are more in-tune with their needs.

Building these relationships takes trust, and customers and leads are more likely to trust your business if they know that real life people work there. Too many companies instead come off as faceless and cold. Follow these tips to humanize your brand more and build trust in your business.

Write a Genuine “About Us” Page

The “About Us” page is the best place on your website to humanize your brand. Using a light-hearted yet professional tone, tell people who you are, what you do and why it might be important to them. Tell the story of your company to shed a little light on the motivations of your founders, and highlight what makes you different from the competition.

Cut the Jargon

You may think that using industry-specific jargon makes you sound professional and in-the-know, but it really just makes you sound stuffy and too serious. Write the same way you’d speak to someone in real life. Would you call a goal an “action item” in front of your friend? I sure hope not! If your tone is relatable, your business will feel more relatable also.

Make ‘Em Laugh!

Clear, straightforward and concise copy will certainly get your point across, but getting a few giggles out of your readers with a bit of humor will go a long way toward humanizing your brand. This is especially important if you work in a less glamorous or flashy industry because humor is even more unexpected. There is nothing more human than unbridled laughter!

Get Social

Social media is another great tool for humanizing your brand. Through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, you can engage with customers and cultivate deeper relationships. Remember to keep the “social” in social media by starting conversations with your followers and injecting a bit of humor in your posts.

These are just some of the ways you can put a more personal spin on your business. To stop being faceless and start being more human, contact our team today. We can help generate images, content and social media that really highlights what makes you special and sets you apart from the competition.