How (and Why) We Create Brand Style Guides

Consistency is key when it comes to branding, but how do you make sure your brand stays consistent across all your assets, including your website, print materials, social media and more?

A brand style guide is a sort of rulebook that lays out every details that plays a role in how your brand looks and feels, from the fonts you use to your logo and color scheme. It is the foundation for every piece of content designed for your business, from presentations to business cards.

Tell Your Brand Story

The first step to creating your brand style guide is to tell your brand’s story. What is your business all about? What’s your vision? Your mission? What makes you different from the competition?

Creating a Recognizable Signature

Our logos are a visual representation of your brand story, and they become a recognizable signature styled for all platforms. We can include color variations, minimum logo sizes, space rules and more so your logo looks great no matter where you use it.

Creating a Core Set of Colors

Color is essential to your brand style guide. We create custom color schemes that really bring your business to life.

Creating a Typography System

Next, we specify the fonts used for your brand, and we create a hierarchy that includes styles, weights and sizes for specific purposes.

Giving Your Brand a Voice

Finally, we will define your brand’s “voice,” the tone of your messaging that will resonate most with your audience. This may include branding dos and don’ts for how we refer to your products and services, notes about tone and naming conventions to create a consistent voice across your brand.

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