Creating a Winning Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing

Video marketing, when done right, turns viewers from passive observers into active participants. The best online videos inspire viewers to want to learn more about your products and services, encourage them to take offline actions or stir them to make a purchase, and video marketing pays off most when you combine the right message, approach and tone.

Let Your Personality Shine

YouTube is filled with millions of videos of cuddly kittens, rock stars shredding on stage, comedians cracking jokes and viral videos just waiting to be shared. No one visits YouTube to watch someone talking blandly in front of a white wall. Viewers want to be entertained, informed or moved – and if they aren’t, they will quickly move onto the next video.

The key to capturing viewer attention is to show off your personality. Think about what makes your service, product or company stellar and let it shine. Give your video visual personality by moving the camera around, letting viewers see colors and movement, and shooting from unique perspectives.

Offer Testimonials

The voice of peers who give glowing reviews of services and products is more valuable than nearly any other marketing tactic. Capitalize on those endorsements through video testimonials. Give a voice to your most enthusiastic customers to gain credibility with viewers.

Make Tutorials

Some of the most popular videos online introduce the audience to new skills. When you create valuable tutorial videos, you become a valuable resource for viewers and promote yourself as being an expert in your field. Use video marketing to highlight the ways you are different from competitors and teach your customers something new about your products or services without giving away all of your secrets.

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