Your website serves many purposes. It’s a calling card for your business, a place to show off your products and services and more. But one of the most important roles your website should play is facilitating engagement with your audience. 

Making engagement a primary focus in your online strategy is the difference between marketing and advertising. 

Here are just some of the many ways we design and use your website to increase engagement: 

Fast site speeds

Engagement is only possible when visitors can actually access your website and all the goodies it hosts. Speedy access is vital, and we make sure your site is always up and running. 

Mobile-friendly designs

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re reading this post on your phone right now. More and more internet traffic is coming from phones and tablets, and your site needs to look flawless on these devices to keep your audience engaged. All of our websites are mobile-responsive so no matter what type of device your audience uses, they will discover a beautiful, fully-functional site. 

Thoughtful navigation 

We design the flow of your website to guide visitors to the content they want and the content you want to connect them with. This means thoughtfully using your navigation to create clear paths to your site’s most valuable sections. 

Creating calls-to-action 

What is the next step you want visitors to your website to take? We encourage engagement and get visitors to click, call, download or buy through creative, effective calls-to-action. 

Content in your voice

Your business has a voice, and we make it heard loud and clear. When we write or design content for a site, it is consistent with your overall branding and speaks directly to your audience. 

Building engagement through data 

We use engagement metrics to fine-tune our approach, looking at everything from the time spent on particular pages to the bounce rate of blog posts. This information helps us understand what is and isn’t working, and we use it to continue to build engagement. 

Do you need help engaging your audience? Is your website fostering engagement, or hurting it? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our website design services.