Social Media
Whether you are new to Facebook or have been around the social media site almost as long as Mark Zuckerberg, follow these tips to stay on top of your game and ahead of the competition. 1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely: Put as much information as possible in your profile. It’s the first place potential...
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When it comes to social media, the competition is steep. Users are competing with millions (sometimes billions!) of other users for the interest and attention of a virtual audience, and they won’t succeed unless they have something relevant, captivating and valuable to share. Just maintaining a profile on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter is not enough....
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Want to kickstart your summer marketing strategy? Looking for ways to freshen up your image online? Follow these tips to boost your business this summer! Spread the Word Don’t be afraid to be shameless when promoting your social media handles. Include your handles (@yourbusiness) on everything you do — if you’re presenting at a conference,...
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