Boosting Your Online Customer Service with Video Marketing

Simply having a presence online is not the same as always being “there” for your customers. A FAQ section and standard contact form are helpful, but nearly everyone has them and they are unengaging and impersonal. The solution is to make video marketing your strongest online customer service weapon. When done right, video marketing can make you more responsive to the needs of customers, more unique and give you a reputation for being friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

Creating a Video FAQ

Converting your FAQ to video has many benefits:

  • It shows you are helpful and knowledgable because your video will go deeper than just a short typical text response.
  • Visitors will spend longer on your site because they will watch the video in its entirety to get their answers.
  • Video marketing boosts SEO, and your videos can gain greater visibility for your brand when posted on sites like YouTube.

Creating Product Demo Views

Most people want to “try before they buy,” but with online shopping, the next best thing is to post a video demonstrating your products or services and what makes them unique.

Making demos for your products:

  • Eliminates confusion and relieves buyer stress. Over half of consumers who view product videos say they are more confident about making a purchase after watching.
  • Increases engagement and makes for a more memorable experience.
  • Provides the closest thing to “trying before they buy” online.

Being Social Through Video Marketing

Social video is about fostering engagement and conversations with your brand through sharing videos. One genius tactic for engaging with your social media followers through video is to invite them to ask questions. Address the most common or interesting questions in your next YouTube video to show you are available, build trust, demonstrate your knowledge and build brand awareness by bringing together two different social media audiences.

To discover more about how video marketing can be your best customer service agent, boost your search engine rankings and generate highly-qualified leads, contact the team at Vision Fillers today!