Local Map Optimization

Put your business on the map!

Your customers can only do business with you if they can find you. Local map optimization is a vital part of an effective marketing strategy because your business is essentially invisible if it does not appear on Google and Yahoo’s local maps.

Instead of thumbing through the traditional yellow pages, customers are now searching for you online. Local map optimization ensures your business shows up at the top of search engine results and looks great when it does.

Optimized local listings not only make it easier for customers to find you, they also include valuable information, including your business’s hours, reviews, payment options and mission. This information encourages customers to take more offline actions, such as calling your store or visiting it in-person.

More than half of all online searches are local, and the majority of local searches end in purchases – but only if customers can find your business. Make it easy for them by investing in local map optimization!

We put your business on the map by: 

Reaching New Customers

We target customers who are searching for your products and services in your area. 

Outranking the Competition

We make sure customers find you before the competition by increasing website traffic. 

Building a Buzz

We make your business impossible to ignore online and offline. 

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