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Facebook Increases Transparency, Changes News Feed

Vision Fillers Facebook-Front-PageYour Facebook News Feed will soon be different, and the changes should help you see more of the stories that are most relevant to you and less of those that are not. The average user’s feed includes 1,500 stories every day, but the site selects the 300 most relevant for your News Feed. Upcoming changes will improve that process even more in the near future.

Chronological Displays by Actor

We all have a friend who posts memes, videos, status updates and check-ins in a flurry of rapid activity, and the new feed will now display these posts in chronological order. Facebook is still working out the kinks, but the change is welcome.

Story Bumping

If you’ve missed a story that Facebook deems important, the site will automatically “bump” to the top of your feed. This means that a relevant story posted at 6 am while you were sleeping will still appear at the top of your feed when you wake up at 9. The result of this change has been greater engagement, and story bumping encourages users to read a larger percentage of stories in their News Feeds.

More Interactions = More Posts

You’ll soon start to see more posts in your feed from the last 50 people with whom you interacted, and more of your posts will start popping up in their feeds. You’ve probably already noticed this change in action because it was rolled out earlier than the coming changes.

In addition to the News Feed changes, Facebook is also revamping their business communications. The site will post more new information on its Facebook for Business page with the hope of encouraging and inspiring marketers to use Facebook in their strategies. The site is also posting more info about its once-mysterious ranking algorithm, EdgeRank. The algorithm rewards new, popular posts from people with whom users have close relationships.

These changes and Facebook’s new level of transparency help marketers plan even more effective social media strategies. To learn more about Vision Fillers’ lead-generating social media campaigns, contact us today at 877.546.9603!

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